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What's a wedding without a wedding cake? It's not!! Whether it's a fruitcake or a chocolate mud cake, round or square, single-layered or tiered, decorated with sugar flowers or fresh flowers, a wedding cake is essential. No wedding reception should be without one!

The wedding cake originated in Rome in the 1st century B.C. It symbolises union, fertility, happiness, good fortune and purity. The tradition that the couple cuts the cake together is a symbol of the first slice of married life. Another tradition is to save the top layer of the cake for, either the couple's first wedding anniversary, or the birth of their first child.

There are many different types of wedding cakes to choose from. The traditional round or square fruitcake with white almond icing, however, is still the most common. But if you don't want to follow tradition, why not try a chocolate mud cake, carrot cake, vanilla sponge cake or even a profiterole cake? It's all up to your tastebuds!

In terms of shape, you don't need to limit yourself to a round or square wedding cake. Hexagon and heart-shaped wedding cakes are also quite common these days.

There is also the choice of single-layered or tiered wedding cakes to consider. Choosing either one of these basically depends on the number of guests you want to feed, and whether the wedding cake will be the only dessert or not. There are some restrictions, though. For example, not all types of cakes can be tiered. Some, such as sponge cakes, are too soft and will fall apart. Therefore, if you want a tiered wedding cake it is best to choose either a fruitcake or a mud cake. These are more compact than many other cakes.

Then there's the decorating to consider. Common wedding cake decorations include sugar flowers, figurines and ribbons.

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