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After the wedding ceremony, whether straight after or later for dinner, you must offer your guests something to eat and drink. There are many options when it comes to serving food and drinks. You could, for example, serve just tea and cake, have an informal lunch, or have a formal sit-down dinner. It's up to you. And your budget...

Whatever option you choose you must carefully plan what you are going to serve at your wedding reception. There will, of course, be more planning involved if you are going to have a formal dinner in a restaurant or hotel than if you're going to have an informal lunch at home.

If you decide to have your wedding reception at home you, yourself, probably don't want to cook and serve food on your own wedding day. You can always ask if your family or friends want to help. But if you prefer to hire caterers even though your reception will take place at home you can still do that.

If you are going to have your reception at a hotel or restaurant, on the other hand, you will also need a caterer. These caterers are usually "in-house" caterers, i.e. they work at the hotel/restaurant. The type of food to serve must reflect the type of wedding, e.g. formal or informal, inside or outside, etc. If a particular hotel or restaurant doesn't serve the food you want you should consider having your reception at another venue. You could either look for another hotel or restaurant with in-house caterers, or you could book a reception hall (or other venue, such as at home) where you can hire "outside" caterers.

Before you hire a caterer tMore... are many questions you have to ask. For example, you should ask if they only have set menus or if they can cook whatever food you wish to serve. You should also make sure that they have a liquor license and that they are insured. Also ask for a taste-test before you decide anything.

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