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Responsibilities of the Wedding Party

The Bride

  • Together with groom, announce engagement.
  • Organise engagement party.
  • Together with groom, set a wedding date.
  • Introduce bride's parents and groom's parents to each other if they haven't met already.
  • Choose wedding rings with groom.
  • Book ceremony venue and meet officiant with groom.
  • Book reception venue.
  • Choose maid/matron of honour, bridesmaids, and flower girls.
  • Choose a videographer and photographer.
  • Decide guest list with groom and family.
  • Choose stationery and accessories.
  • Choose wedding dress, shoes and accessories.
  • Choose bridesmaids' dresses together with bridesmaids.
  • Organise music for reception and ceremony.
  • Choose flowers.
  • Together with groom, select gifts for gift registry.
  • Buy gifts for groom, attendants and ushers.
  • Together with groom, choose transportation.
  • Send thank-you-cards for gifts received.
  • Choose honeymoon destination.
  • If you want, change to groom's surname.
  • If honeymoon is to be overseas, check passports/visas.

The Groom

  • Together with bride, announce engagement.
  • Together with bride, set a wedding date.
  • Together with bride, choose wedding rings.
  • Decide guest list with bride and family.
  • Meet officiant with bride.
  • Together with bride, select gifts for gift registry.
  • Choose best man, groomsmen and pageboys.
  • Together with bride, choose transportation.
  • If honeymoon is to be overseas, check passports/visas.
  • Organise ceremony venue fees to be paid by the best man.
  • Make a speech.

The maid/matron of honour

  • Organise pre-wedding parties.
  • Help bride on wedding day.
  • Help bridesmaids and flower girls on wedding day.
  • Make a speech.
  • Sign register as official witness to the marriage.
  • Hold bride's bouquet during the ceremony.
  • Hold groom's ring during the ceremony.
  • Bring home gifts from the reception.

The best man

  • Organise pre-wedding parties.
  • Take care of suits.
  • Help groom on wedding day.
  • Sign register as official witness to the marriage.
  • Hold bride's ring during the ceremony.
  • Make a speech.
  • Pay for church/celebrant fees.

The bridesmaids and groomsmen

  • Assist bride and groom.
  • Assist maid/matron of honour with taking home gifts from the reception.

The Bride's mother

  • Assist bride.
  • Arrange to meet groom's parents.
  • Organise accommodation for out-of-town guests.
  • Help to make a guest list.
  • Mail invitations.

The Bride's father

  • Escort bride to ceremony venue.
  • Walk bride down the aisle and give her away.
  • Make a speech.

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