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Reception Music

Music is a must. It helps set the tone of a wedding. Before deciding anything, though, there are many things you must consider. Have a look at the following:

Type of Atmosphere at the Wedding Reception
Since music plays a large part in setting the mood at a wedding reception you first have to decide what type of atmosphere you want to evoke. Do you want the reception to be formal or informal? Do you want to stir up a traditional or modern mood? A formal and traditional atmosphere may call for classical music, whereas pop and the like will suit a more informal and modern reception. Once you've considered this it will be easier to choose music for your wedding reception.

Budget for the Reception Music and How the Music Will be Played
Another thing to consider when choosing reception music is how you want it to be played. Do you want live music delivered by a band or an orchestra, or is a DJ more to your taste? This is when dollars come into the equation… What's more costly? An orchestra or band, or a DJ? DJs are generally cheaper. What can you afford? Don't forget that it's also possible to ask a friend or family member to be responsible for the reception music. If no-one is talented enough to play an instrument, buy a few CDs and that will be that! So, set a budget for reception music and consider all your options. Click on DJs or Live Music for some information on the differences between live music and music delivered by a DJ.

Space of the Reception Location
You also have to consider the size of the reception venue. If you want to have an orchestra you have to make sure that it will fit in your reception location. If the venue is quite small there is a pretty good chance there won't be enough space for a big orchestra!

Final Choice
Now it's finally time to choose your reception music. What will your first dance with your new husband song be? What will the father-daughter dance song be? And so on. Click on Examples of Reception Music for some suggestions.

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