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What's a wedding without music? It's not! Imagine walking down the aisle in silence… Not possible! Music is necessary when setting the mood for the wedding. At the wedding reception, for example, choosing pop music delivered by a DJ will create an informal and upbeat mood. On the other hand, if you choose to have classical music played by an orchestra, the reception will feel more formal. The same basically goes for the wedding ceremony, although pop music probably isn't so appropriate! (Or allowed.)

More information:

  • Ceremony Music
    There are a number of factors you need to bear in mind before you choose ceremony music - the type of atmosphere you want to evoke at the ceremony, budget, how the music will be delivered, and space of the venue. Then it's time to choose music for the prelude, processional, interlude, recessional and postlude. The length of each musical piece must also be considered. More...

  • Reception Music
    Reception music is vital to creating the right atmosphere you want to evoke at your wedding reception. You need to decide whether you want a formal reception or an informal one, if you want to hire a DJ or perhaps a band or an orchestra, the space of the location, and you obviously need to consider costs. More...

  • Find Wedding Music & Entertainment in the Wedding Directory
    To help you with your search for "wedding helpers" we've compiled a wedding directory, listing all types of wedding suppliers you need for your wedding. More...

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