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After the stress of planning the wedding, you and your new hubbie deserve some time to relax and spend some uninterrupted quality time with each other. This is what the honeymoon is for… a time for you and your perfect catch to unwind before you start your lives together as a married couple.

The tradition of the honeymoon started in the 2nd century A.D. At that time men were obligated to marry women from their own community. But what if, in his own community, the man couldn't find a woman who could be a suitable wife to him?! Then the custom was that he had to either try to make a woman from another community fall in love with him, or he would just kidnap her! If the bride had been kidnapped, the groom would have to hide his new bride from her family until she got pregnant (usually for a month- called "moon" in those days), since marriage would be necessary then anyway. The period of this "hiding of the bride" then became known as the "honeymoon". It was also customary to drink a type of wine made from honey during this first month of marriage, which is another reason for the term "honeymoon".

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