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In the eyes of your fiancé you might be perfect but, if you're like most women, there's a great chance there's at least one thing about your body that you're not totally satisfied with. Your arms that keep waving long after you've said goodbye? Your stomach that pokes out like a football? Your unshapely legs or thighs? Or just your overall weight? Sounds familiar? So, if you're one of the 75% of prospective brides who decide to go on a diet and exercise before the wedding, read on.

More information:

  • Losing Weight Safely
    Losing weight doesn't mean you have to starve yourself. In fact, you have to eat regularly. The trick to losing weight safely is to eat small meals each time and exercise. It's unsafe to lose more than one kilo per week. More...

  • Weight-loss and Exercise
    It's almost impossible to lose weight without exercising. And toning up your muscles can only be achieved by exercising. But like with everything don't overdo it. More...

  • Weight-loss and Healthy Eating
    Eating healthily is vital to losing weight. You should eat lots of fruit and vegetables, which have a relatively low amount of calories but still fill you up. More...

  • Find Health & Fitness Centres in the Wedding Directory
    To help you with your search for "wedding helpers" we've compiled a wedding directory, listing all types of wedding suppliers you need for your wedding.

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