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Receiving gifts will be an exciting part of your wedding. You might get that state-of-the-art cappuccino maker youíve always wanted, the dinnerware youíll need when inviting people over or maybe youíll even get skis for your honeymoon!

Many couples choose to register for gifts at bridal registries, either at stores or special online bridal registries. This ensures there is no duplication of gifts and that you will get what you really want. If youíre not comfortable with specifically asking for gifts, thatís ok too. Just bear in mind that bridal registries are very common these days and are generally not seen as being of bad taste.

Once youíve received your wedding gifts, make sure to send thank-you-cards. You should send them out no later than three months after the wedding. If you receive any gifts before the wedding send the thank-you-cards no later than two weeks after you get the gifts.

Itís not all about receiving gifts, though. Itís common courtesy to give gifts to your wedding party, both sets of parents and any other helpers. It doesnít have to be anything expensive- just something to show your appreciation for all their help.

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