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Read these articles to get some in-depth advice from professional wedding suppliers…

How to Choose A Marriage Celebrant - by Tony Gelme, "The Different Celebrant"
Do you want your wedding ceremony delivered by an experienced, pleasant and knowledgeable celebrant who creates, or helps you create, a unique & happy ceremony to celebrate the special nature of your relationship and your marriage? One who's interesting, a good public speaker who uses the "tricks of the speaker's trade" - variety, humour, drama & interest to ensure everyone's included and really appreciates and enjoys your wedding - and I imagine you don't want to be embarrassed or ashamed over your celebrant's performance. If so, this could be the most important article you read. More...

Must Read: Bridal Makeup Advice - by Amanda La Monica, Glamorous By Amanda La Monica
Your wedding day is one of the most significant days of your life. You want to look your best; glowing and radiant as you walk down the aisle to your husband... With only one day to get it right, have your makeup done at home by a professional and be the image of elegance and perfection.

Wedding Photography: What to Consider - by Dale Casey, DC Images

So what should you look for in a wedding photographer? For us it is as simple as asking three questions: Do I like their photos? Do I like the photographer? And am I getting good value for money? More...

Natural Videography - by Abraham Joffe, Abraham Joffe Videography

Today, the majority of couples are looking for wedding videography that is very natural and reflects their wedding day as truly as possible. But what is it that makes a wedding video look natural? More...

Caring for Your Diamond Jewellery - by Dan Joines, Diamond Geezer
A little respect, understanding and simple precautions, and some elementary housekeeping will keep your jewellery sparkling for years. More...

Experience Tuscany in Spring - by Valentina Pieri, Tasting Italy
Tuscany is, in so many ways, the very essence of Italy. The name alone conjures up the vivid images so beloved of painters; those rolling landscapes outlined by dark cypress trees and enlivened by vibrant splashes of red poppies, the whole bathed in that wonderful light seemingly peculiar to Italy. More...

Civil Celebrants and Civil Ceremonies - by Lisa Blackmore, Civil Marriage Celebrant
One of the first decisions you will make is how are we going to get married? Do we get married in a church or have a civil ceremony? Currently, over 65% of weddings in Australia are conducted by Civil Celebrants. More...

A Night in the Life of a Wedding MC – by Pete Miller, A Wedding MC Hotline
Everybody has attended a wedding where the Master of Ceremonies was not up to the same standard as the other parts of the reception. Replace this unfortunate scenario with the spontaneity, charm, humour and class of an experienced Master of Ceremonies. More...

The Alternative Hen Party - by Amanda Egan, Pampered Hens
Many brides today are fed up with the usual drunken wild nights out and are opting for a more civilised way to celebrate and are choosing a Bridal Shower. One option proving rather popular is a Pamper Party. More...

Embracing the Digital Revolution - by Brendan Klasen, Distinct Digital Photogrpahy
Digital photography has experienced an unprecedented growth in popularity in the last three to five years. Like many new technologies, there's always the promise of better results, delivered faster and opening many new doors of opportunities for both the amateur and professional.  There are many reasons why digital photography has become so popular. More...

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