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Wedding Photography: What to Consider - by Dale Casey, DC Images

So what should you look for in a wedding photographer? For us it is as simple as asking three questions: Do I like their photos? Do I like them? And am I getting good value for money?

The photos Keep your thought processes simple, this does not need to be rocket science. Try not to get too technical if you do not know a lot about photography in general. It may seem obvious but it really is as simple as liking what you see. Ask to view a complete wedding consisting of 150+ photographs from a wedding they have captured in the last twelve months. Any backyard hick can show you a sample of successful or lucky images out of the untold amount they captured at Bill & Mary's wedding, but would you be happy with only a handful of images in your album? Of course not. It's about the quality of each image from every moment of your day. You will not be able to make a quality album brimming with stunning images if your photographs need to rely on luck.
Is the photographer's work immaculately presented? Do they display a genuine pride in what they are showing you? Start to look at the variety and creativity in their photographs. For us it's all about making the couple's job of choosing their favourite images as hard as possible, not easy because there is a complete lack of choice. You should like so many of your wedding photographs that not putting all of them in your custom designed album disappoints you.

The photographer Make sure you talk to the person that will be photographing your wedding day and not a staff member who is paid to be friendly to you but who has absolutely no idea on how to take a stunning photograph. Also ensure you are looking at images that have been captured by the photographer you will potentially book to capture your special day.

Consider the advice you are getting from your photographer. Are they giving you options and making it easier to plan your special day? It is important to talk the day through and discuss aspects like is there enough time for photographs? Take into account lighting (ie: sunset), travelling distances and general logistics. Does your photographer have a "Plan B" if it rains?

Remember you need to have fun with your photographer as they will potentially be the person you spend the most amount of time with on your wedding day. Whilst the best possible photographs are the number one priority, if you do not enjoy the company of your photographer you will not enjoy your photography experience and consequently this will be reflected in the quality of your wedding photographs, that we can guarantee you.

Value for money This will completely depend on you, the couple. Value for money will simply come down to taste, personal preference and budget. Have a good look around but we will warn you now that photographers will charge $500 to $10,000 plus. It's true that Uncle Bob, the next door neighbour or anyone with a lack of experience could shoot your wedding day for you cheaply while a professional studio may charge an unlimited amount. The simple fact is that like anything quality and experience costs. The great thing about being the consumer is that you get to decide where the best value for money lies for you. The most important thing to remember though is that there will be no re-shoot and no opportunity for "take two". You have one shot at this so make sure you get the quality of photographs and the hourly coverage you need as everything else can be fine tuned later.

When you are considering your wedding photography budget ask yourself how you will feel about your photographs in five years time? For us photographic images (wedding or otherwise) and the memories they create are one of those things in life that will continually increase in sentimental value every year.

In Summary We would look at it this way and in this order:
1. The photos - love them unequivocally
2. The photographer - trust them and love their company
3. Value for money - cost versus benefit

Trust yourself - you know what you like, get a good vibe and go with it. Enjoy the wedding planning and preparations.

By The DC Images team

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