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The MC (Master of Ceremonies) at a wedding is like the director of a movie. He or she "directs" the guests in various ways, such as telling them when speakers are going to make their speeches or when food is going to be served, etc. You should choose an MC quite early in the process of planning your wedding so that you can get to know him/her quite well. It is very important that you are comfortable with the MC, and that he/she knows what kind of people you and your guests are so he/she can run the reception appropriately.

The style of the MC can help set the mood of the reception. For example, if he/she makes funny jokes guests will feel more relaxed and enjoy themselves more than if he/she is quite uptight. The MC should, therefore, tell either jokes or stories (or both) to loosen up the crowd. You want your guests to enjoy themselves...

You have to make sure that the MC's jokes are personalised to fit the type of audience. When you meet with your chosen MC you must, therefore, arm him/her with as much information about you and your guests as you can. That way the MC can choose his/her jokes to suit your personalities.

Apart from telling jokes and/or stories, the MC performs tasks such as introducing the head table and any special guests, introducing guests to toast, reading greetings from non-attendants, coordinating speakers, and basically just making sure the reception runs as smoothly as possible.

The following is a list of what the MC should do at a traditional reception, and in what order:

1. The MC introduces him/herself
2. The MC announces that the bridal party has arrived, and then introduces them. First the flower girl, then the best man/groomsmen and maid of honour/bridesmaids (in couples), and last the bride and groom
3. The MC introduces the priest to say grace before the meal
4. After the main course the MC calls for the First Speech and toast, and then for each of the other speeches
5. The MC reads any greetings from non-attendant guests
6. The MC tells everyone that it's time for the cutting of the cake
7. The MC introduces the bridal waltz
8. The MC invites the bridal party and parents to dance
9. The MC invites the rest of the guests to dance
10. Just before the bride and groom are about to leave, the MC arranges for the bouquet toss, and then the garter toss
11. The MC tells the guests to form a circle, and the bridal couple leaves

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